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Gayle Eng

For 20 years I worked with leaders at all different levels, in all different types of organizations, as a leadership and organizational development specialist.

As part of this work, I coached leaders on communicating organizational change, introducing new programs, as well as developing and communicating new strategies and directions.

I am now taking this experience and carving out a new career as an editor and writing coach. I love helping people and organizations succeed. So, whatever strategy, change, report, briefing, policy document or marketing endeavour you are working on, I would be delighted to assist you.

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Professional Editing and Coaching Services

"When I first came to Gayle with my manuscript, I had a ton of ideas and vision for how I wanted it to look, but it was chaotic, unorganized and desperately lacked the structure I needed to complete it. I was stuck and didn't know how to move forward. Gayle was able to work through it in great detail and provide me with some much needed structure that significantly improved what I had already written. With a structure in place, writing the rest of the book was so much easier! Gayle then helped me polish the final manuscript and continued to guide me through several rounds of edits until finally I had a completed manuscript that I was happy with." Amanda Lee, Author, "I Am Rooted"

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Structural Editing

I help clients see the big picture of their documents and how all the pieces can fit together into one united whole. I help clients structure and organize their documents in a way that is clear, logical and makes the most impact.


Muddled, unclear thoughts, direction, writing? Long, drawn out sentences? Wish you could get to the point faster?
I am here to help coach you to make your communication clear and concise.

Strategy and Design

Trying to figure out the best way to visually represent and market your work? I can help you figure out the most strategic way forward that will bring the most success.

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Dandelion Leaves

"I can't say enough how highly I recommend B.G. Eng Editorial. I had used other editors in the past, but Gayle's notes and suggestions were the most comprehensive and thorough and actually gave me the direction and structure my book needed. Gayle was kind, encouraging, and brought a wealth of insight in order to make my book a success. She is an absolute joy to work with and brings so much knowledge and practical insights to the table."

Amanda Lee, Author "I Am Rooted"

Contact Me

Gayle Eng - B.G. Eng Editorial

Calgary, Alberta Canada


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